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Musings on Friendship


By Guest Blogger, STURGIE     (Susanne Marie Poulette)  REPOSTED July 21, 2016

Susanne is taking a short break for the holiday, and I’m filling in for her.  She doesn’t know it, though. december 18 066 I hope she’ll be pleasantly surprised.  I just have to get this past Peggy’s editing, and then we’re home free.

My name is Sturgie, and I’m an adorable mutt, half beagle, half unspecified terrier, and half something else.  I’m a bit unusual looking, but incredibly cute.  Sometimes I sing to people if they deserve a nice song.  Then there’s this friend who knows how to scratch my ear, just so, and I howl like a coyote baying at the moon.  Folks fall in love with me when I do that.

It’s been said, quite fairly, I believe, that a dog is human’s best friend.  It’s true, but sometimes it works the other way around.  As we go ears-perked and tail-wagging into this new year, let’s stop and think about friendship.  It’s easy to take friendship for granted, especially when life is easy, the kibble bowl is full, and you’re surrounded by a family who worship you and indulge you with milk bones.  But, sometimes life isn’t so hunky-dory, and you think your leash on life is almost up.  That’s when I learned who my real friends are.  And I was lucky—I know folks whose friends abandoned them when the going got tough.cb and sn at water jpeg

Friendship rescued me when I was in trouble.  In fact, this old pooch has been rescued four times, and by the same true friend and her family.  We’ll change names to protect the innocent, so let’s just call her Erin.

It all started when I was born into an abusive situation.  My siblings escaped to loving homes, but not me. I was a pup without a prayer until Erin and her family came into my life.  She couldn’t resist me or leave me in those cruel circumstances.  So I went home with Erin to a new identity and a Wonderful Life.  (Eat your heart out, Jimmy Stewart.)  I got two devoted boys to play with, two loving parents, my choice of where I could sleep, lots of good

Me, helping a client wait for his haircut.


food and treats, space to roam under the pines, and brisk morning walks with Erin.  I can even hang out with Erin in her beauty shop, a source of many treats from admiring clients.

Friendship Rescue Two: Life was good, so I can’t complain about what happened one nice summer day.  I was on my leash, getting some rays, minding my own business when I was attacked by a hoard of white-tailed hornets.  They did a number along my back.  I ran a fever, took antibiotic, lost the hair on my back, and for months I needed regular cleaning and dressings.  Erin was my nurse and she made Florence Nightingale look like a slouch.  She put tee shirts on me to cover my wounds. I was styling in those toddler-sized tees!

After about three months, my back healed but my hair didn’t grow back.  It looks leathery and smooth, but it adds to my cuteness.  All during those months, Erin heard some mean words.  Some folks said they would have “put me down” if I were their dog. Yikes, hearing that was scarier than bees!  Erin got the worst of it all.  She kept me comfortable and she did all the work while I convalesced.  Nobody talked about putting her down!

Erin visiting me during my overnight at pet emergency.


Friendship Rescue Three: Life was good and so was my recovery from the stings.  It was another nice day in June and I was tooling along outside, when I got in the way of a fast moving truck.  It hit me hard and sent me rolling underneath it.  Long story short, I spent the night in urgent care.  Poor Erin and her family.  Talk about worried! They were a mess.  I think it hurt Erin more than it did me.  I eventually recovered, but had some problems with a leg, not too bad.  I’m living to enjoy more days!

Friendship Rescue Four: About eight months after my collision with the truck, I went to jump up on a bed. My short legs didn’t make it, and I fell.  Can you say, “herniated disk?  Yup, and it paralyzed my hind quarters. I’ve been in treatment for nearly a year.  I’m pain free, Erin sees to that.  In addition to all her many duties, she’s been carrying me around, keeping my bedding clean, helping me move, taking me to my vet, and giving me the best care in the world.

My wheels!


Last spring, I was fitted with an awesome cart! I can go anywhere with my wheels.  I can run and get around independently.  I’m negotiating for snow tires before our next big winter storm.

Erin keeps track of my progress. I can wag my tail now and I have some feeling in my feet.  I’m definitely improving, thanks to my true friend.

Water therapy, love it.






My definition of friendship? Erin.  She is Charlie Brown to my Snoopy:

cb and sn


“Are you upset little friend? Have you been lying awake worrying? Well, don’t worry…I’m here. The flood waters will recede, the famine will end, the sun will shine tomorrow, and I will always be here to take care of you.”

My New Year wish for you:  May you give and receive the love and loyalty of true friends, and may you always be present for each other, sharing, supporting, healing, and celebrating Life’s joys.

~ Sturgie

(I’m liking this blogging stuff.  I just hope I’m not in trouble with Susanne. Leave a comment, if you will, and let her know if you like this.)

sur xm hal


10 thoughts on “Musings on Friendship

  1. Very cute and touching story. And I did not know that dogs could write!

  2. Love it, Sturgie! It is so important to rescue animals. Our family has done several and never regretted it. Our best friends.

  3. Reblogged this on Lake Travis Community Library Memoir Group and commented:
    It must be difficult to write a memoir (or blog) from your pet’s perspective. The challenge would be to have a true voice. Wonder what my life would sound like coming from my cat?

    • I think you could write beautifully as your cat. Sturgie is my friend’s dog, and I feel I know him well. He’s entirely upbeat and happy to be with folks, no matter what’s going on with him. Having watched his great spirit as he went through these problems, I feel that he would write with an innocent sense of humor and gratitude. I’ve written several logs as my cat, Minet, who is a bit arrogant and quite sophisticated. It’s so much fun. I hope you try it. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing. ~Susanne ~Thank you for reposting it. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your story. You will be just fine. Our little Havenese, Fiona did the same thing to her back and was paralyzed. She made a full recovery and is our little Cuban Comic running around like a maniac with her rescued sister, Amelia and her rescued brother, Jeffrey! She is also a puppy mill rescue.

  5. Sturgie is adorable. I’m so glad he got rescued & is so loved. We rescued our 2 Aussie mix dogs 11 yrs ago when they were about 3 mths & I firmly believe they have not forgotten. We were told they were in foster care with 11 dogs total. I think they probably spent most, if not all, their time outside with that many animals. Either way I strongly suspect they were always short on water, which is especially bad out here in the desert. One of the dogs still gently kisses us each time we give her water by hand, ie in the car, on a hike etc. She remembers what it’s like to be longing for water because in her early days with us, if the water bowl got empty she would lay in front of it with her arms wrapped around the bowl, to be sure we knew it was empty. She stopped doing that after 1 yr once she realized the bowl would never remain empty for too long. We now keep 2 water bowls full, side by side, just to be sure. I am convinced a rescue dog (or cat) remembers its past abuses. They heal & move on, but remain grateful for the love, that they always deserved.

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